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    Conan O'Brien's Commencement Speech at Dartmouth, 2011 →

    Conan at his most unbound, followed by wise, poignant words for our times.  

    In 2000, I told graduates “Don’t be afraid to fail.”  Well now I’m here to tell you that, though you should not fear failure, you should do your very best to avoid it.  Nietzsche famously said “Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you  stronger.”  But what he failed to stress is that IT ALMOST KILLS YOU.  Disappointment stings and, for driven, successful people like yourselves it is disorienting.  What Nietzsche should have said is  “Whatever doesn’t kill you, makes you watch a lot of Cartoon Network and drink mid=price Chardonnay at 11 in the morning.”

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    The Early Woody Allen, 1952-1971 →

    Woody Allen is one of very few comedic delineations universally respected by comedy writers the world over. Held in high esteem by comedy’s upper crust, the snooty savants of literature and the vast film literati, Allen is one of the few comedy titans actually considered an artist. Woody Allen’s comedic acumen spans all genres. It has yet to be matched.

    However, the first several years of his career are rarely discussed. It is a fascinating period. Comedy devotees swear by the recordings of his stand-up act. At the time of his 1963 debut comedy record, Woody was a smart up-and-comer who’d already logged ten years in the business. But he was far from the personality we think of today.

    Most comedians early in their career involve themselves with peripheral showbiz ventures, both to make their name and to survive. Cerebral as we may think Woody Allen to be, he was in many ways no different than most struggling low brow comedians that permeated the landscape. A shill for Parker Brothers and Smirnoff Vodka. A frequent game show panelist. A propagandist for Allen Funt’s Candid Camera. None of these things spring to mind when we think of the storied career of Allen Konigsberg, but they were essential activities in his formative years.

    This is the early Woody Allen.

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    Groucho Marx vs. Jack Benny, 1955


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